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Real Estate Agent Tips for Beginners – A Complete Guide to be Successful


In the real estate business world, the agents probably play the most influential and effective role. Basically, the term ‘Agent’ stands for the relationship between the buyer and seller. And so, it has become a popular profession worldwide. So, today we are planning to discuss the best real estate agent tips for beginners.

First, you need to know about the basic requirements and responsibilities of a real estate agent so that you can understand if your interest matches it. And then I will share some effective tips for beginners that you may not learn even in your university.

Basic Requirements to be a Real Estate Agent

First, I need to remind you that you will a license for being an authorized real estate agent in many countries. But it is not mandatory for all countries. So, check out this matter in the context of your region and learn how to get the license.  

Most probably, you can manage the license from the local government court or related office. But you will need the following requirements to get the license.

  • You must have good knowledge about the local property.  
  • You are native and have good communication skills. It is mandatory because you need to contact the clients very often.
  • A licensed real estate agent must have experience in the area of sales or businesses. It is like a qualification requirement.
  • Your attractive communication skill can convince a client. So, it’s another need here.
  • A strong personality is also required for the same reason.
  • A real estate agent should have a valid driving license as well.

Once you have all these requirements, you will be supposed to get the license. It will be a big plus point if you have a degree in real estate-related subjects.

Key Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agents

Remember that being a successful real estate agent is not an easy task that you can handle in an air-conditioned office. You will have bucks of responsibilities to handle. Well, remind one thing that the experienced you will have the more trusted you will be. As a result, you will have more deals to work on.  

But it doesn’t mean that beginners cannot do well in this area. Well, everyone was once a beginner and now they may be successful and so, experience. That means you need to be successful from the very beginning. For that, you have to be sure about your responsibilities.

  • You have to generate and contact more people who are supposed to buy, sell, or rent properties.
  • Counselling clients is a basic task. You need to talk to them about the current market price of a property and other issues like mortgage, rent, etc.
  • Your job is to convince your clients to have an interest in the property.
  • If they are interested, take them to have a look at the property.
  • Developing the price is one of the basic tasks of a real estate agent. And you have to do that considering the market price, and property situations.
  • You also have to gather all the basic information about the property so that you can answer every single question of the buyers.
  • To the seller, you have to present the profitable purchase price.
  • Handle the negotiation between the seller and the buyer is the most crucial task of a real estate agent.
  • You also have to make attractive advertisements and promotional content to get more clients.
  • And finally, you have to prepare all the legal papers for the contract and help the seller and buyer to get in a deal.

So, these are the basic responsibilities of a real estate agent. Now, let’s check out how to make your job smoother, easier, and more effective.

Most Effective Tips for a Real Estate Agent  

After talking to a lot of successful real estate agents, we have learned about some uncommon but effective tips for this profession. Maybe, these will help beginners to do well from their first deal.

Building a Strong Database

As a licensed real estate agent, you have to build a very rich database. You must collect all the data about properties that are supposed to be sell or mortgage. It will help you find buyers easily and make an appropriate deal for them.

Learn the Trifling of the Market

Only when clients find you an expert will you be able to present yourself with high knowledge about this area. For that, you have to learn about all the smallest things about real estate marketing.

Beware of the Peak Time

The peak time means when it is the property buy-sell season. The season basically fluctuates for different reasons. And you have to be aware of that. And when it is the peak season, you have to be more active.

Make a Website or App (if possible)

People nowadays love to buy from the marketplace especially from websites. It helps them to check multiple properties at a time. Apps work even better in some cases. So, try to build your website or app if you can.

Gather Knowledge About Other’s Deals  

If you are a beginner, learning about case studies is the most effective idea for you. It will help you to develop your decision-making abilities. Additionally, you will learn the tactics of the deals made by successful agents.

Improve Decision Making Ability

And lastly, you need to build rich and successful decision-making skills. You have to learn where you should say yes and where to no. For that, the previous tip will work better. Additionally, you have to think thrice before moving forward in a deal.


How can I be a good real estate agent?

To be a good real estate agent, you have to strictly maintain your core responsibilities like counseling clients, building a database, learning the property info, making the deal, preparing the legal paper, and similar. Check out the responsibility of a successful estate agent over the 2nd point.

Do real estate agents get a basic salary?

Mostly, a real estate agent doesn’t get a basic salary. They only get the commission.

What skills do estate agents need?

To be an estate agent, you will need the following skills:

  • License
  • Driving license
  • Experience in sales
  • Good communication skills and personality
  • Knowledge about territorial property.

How many houses do I need to sell to make 100k?

You have to check two facts about the number of houses to sell to make $100k as a real estate agent. The commission percentage and the price of the house. You can calculate and get the number easily. In most cases, the agents get 5-6% of the price.

Final Verdict

You have learned the most effective real estate agent tips for beginners. So, if you are planning to be an estate agent in the future, you know what to do to make a 7 or even digit saving, right? Then share these tips with your friends who are also planning to be like you ( if you ain’t jealous). Thank you for your time.

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